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Portrait of Matthew Bowen

Convocation: Dr. Matthew L. Bowen

Tuesday, September 27
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Cannon Activities Center

Matthew Bowen, associate professor, Faculty of Religious Education (Convocation)

Visit the CAC at 11 am or to view the convocation.


Convocations represent an academic tradition that provides an opportunity to celebrate scholarship, learning, and the life of the mind, by having selected faculty members speak on thought-provoking issues.

Started on this campus in 1989 by R. Lanier Britsch when he was Vice President for Academics, convocations have been held yearly with a variety of speakers drawn from the BYUH faculty. Currently, convocation is organized by the Dean’s Council.

At convocations, students may expect to see faculty in their academic regalia—caps, hoods, and gowns. The colors indicate the various universities where the faculty took their degrees and their academic disciplines. The hoods and trim on the gowns designate the highest degree achieved by the wearer—bachelor's, master's, or doctorate.