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Monument sign in front of the Teacher Education Building

TEB Parking Stalls Closed

Monday, June 22 - Wednesday, August 05

In preparation for the Naniloa Loop improvements, the parking stalls facing Naniloa Loop in the TEB Parking Lot (near the Teacher Education Building) will be closed and vehicles in those stalls need to be moved. Campus Safety & Security is contacting vehicle owners. If vehicle owners cannot be contacted, have abandoned their vehicles, have not registered their vehicle to be contacted, or ignore notes on vehicles, these vehicles will be moved to another stall in the TEB Parking Lot by a professional towing company. If there are no parking stalls open in the TEB Parking Lot, vehicles will be moved to parking stalls on the PCC side of the GYM Parking Lot. Contact Security at (808) 675-3503 or with questions or concerns.

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